CERCOM HOME DESIGNResearch, technological innovation and an attention to quality make CERCOM products unique in the world of architecture and design.


CAPRI CERAMICHEAlways focused mainly on EUROPE, its horizons are broadening. Over the last year, it has concentrated effort and resources in the Easter European market, in particular RUSSIA, where its collections have been met with great interest.


CenturyCentury part of Fincibec group is a collection of fine porcelain stoneware products, with outstanding performance, inspired to diiferent projects styles of architects all around the world.

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MONOCIBECFincibec Group has three production facilities equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee an overall annual potential output of over 10 million square metres. Through the brands Monocibec, Century and Naxos, it produces technical and decorative stoneware wall and floor tiles in a variety of formats, thicknesses and finishes to meet the needs of the most diverse uses.

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CERDOMUSTechnological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and working in partnership with builders and designers: for over forty years Cerdomus has projected made in Italy style and quality on the international markets.

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LORD CERAIMCAA versatile and elegant series that expresses its multiple personalities through a range of colors and decors designed to offer both modern and classic solutions.


CASA INFINITACASAINFINITA invites you to discover the naturalness of a world and enjoy with the infnity combinations offered by enclosures, captured by the power of transformation and changing of shapes and sizes that our own house concedes.

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FLAVIKER PISACombines high technological content with a love for land by working in five different field of activity atmospheric emissions.

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VOGUESince becoming operative in 1978, Ceramica Vogue has always placed its skills at the disposal of design engineers and interior decorators, gradually acquiring a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of frost resistant white body glazed stoneware for floors and wall coverings.

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