LA FABBRICAElegant, prestigious, luxuriously chic, agent of aesthetics made in Italy. This is the style of the La Fabbrica Ceramiche. An entire worlds that capture and conquers you to introduce you to a class of Italian style.

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FANALBroad range of products to live in harmony with you and your surroundings offering infinite possibilities of designs.


MASTELLAOperates successfully on the main European markets, where it managed to establish itself by pursuing with determination both reliability and transparency.


MAXPersisting “creative , Qualified & Updated ” as our philosophy , and setting ” pioneer of the Chinese constructional ceramics ” as our target , Eagle creates the brand with top quality and services.


MAXCeramic tile collection which based on the latest trend in wall and floor coverings. dedicated to show the beauty of fine materials like wood, natural stone, etc. with an art that comes from the past. With the presence of our in-house design team and technicians.


MERIDIANAYour project, your home… The seed of an idea, a moment of inspiration. A spark comes to life in a whirling galaxy of activity and travels through many minds, touching many lives, until its journey comes to an end, nothing other than the start of something new. MERIDIANA to keep your feet on the ground!


MONOCIBECCreative design, technological innovation, consolidated marketing experience these are the fortes of Monocibec, leader company that has been a main reference point for the ceramic world for over 40 years.


NAXOS CERAMICHEResearch, creativity and technological innovation represent the productive structure by Naxos Ceramiche, combining the perfection of the ceramic body with the esthetical study for a continuously evolving surface, a masterly blend of glazes and powders, unique in its style and processing, resulting from the most innovative Italian ceramic technology.

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CIPAGRESCompany Cipa Gres starts up in 1967 as a quarry tile manufacturer. All over the years our company keeps its core business but also broadens its products ‘range, firstly moving to full body or enameled porcelain tile of high-tech quality and then stretching its brand to double pressing or double loading porcelain tiles.

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